17 Feb

Ligier JS F3/F4 racing cars now available in Canada

Belleville (ON), February 17, 2019 – Corner2 Incorporated is pleased to announce that it has secured the exclusive Canadian distribution rights for the Ligier JS F3 and F4 racing cars.  Beginning immediately, competitors will be able to acquire the race proven JS F3 and F4 along with any required parts.

Ligier Automotive is a company dedicated to the construction of racing cars. Its expertise in the areas of design, production, electronics, engines, restoration and operations means it can make special vehicles, concept cars, sports-prototypes, single-seaters, and cars for track races, ice races, off-road events and rallycross.

Originally called Crawford F4, this F4 single-seater was selected by the FIA to be the exclusive model in the F4 U.S. Championship since 2016. Its carbon fibre chassis combines speed and safety. Equipped with a 2-litre Honda engine pushing out 160 bhp and Hankook tires, it was renamed the Ligier JS F4 from the 2018 season onwards.

Ligier Automotive was selected by the FIA to design and produce the single-seater dedicated to the 2018 F3 Americas Championship. Its carbon chassis complies with the FIA F3 Regional regulations that came into force in 2018 and incorporates the halo in its design just like the F1 race cars. The Ligier JS F3 is equipped with Hankook tires and powered with a 2 litre Turbo Honda engine pushing out 270 bhp.

“The Ligier JS F3 and F4 are incredible single-seater race cars and we can’t wait to see them on the track here in Canada,” stated John Bondar, owner of Corner2.  “We are looking forward to helping to further the career of karters and formula car racers in Canada. The JS F4 is on display at the Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto from February 15 to 24 where we will be available to answer all questions.”

About Corner2

Corner2 Incorporated holds over thirty years of experience in motorsport. It owns and operates the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC), the Canadian Supercar Series, P1 Tv show and P1 Magazine.   Corner2 intends to launch a racing series in Canada exclusively for the Ligier JS F4. Corner2 Incorporated is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Ligier JS F3 and Ligier JS F4 racing cars.


John Bondar

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